animals are not fabric (imyerjoeyramone) wrote in musicaltrans,
animals are not fabric

MELBOURNE: looking for a rockabilly/punk singer!! - cross-posted

hey some friends and i are starting a rockabilly influenced punk band... a bit psychobilly...maybe a bit of swing maybe a bit of ska.. ya never really know...

anyways we havent actually jammed yet but at the moment we are listening to a lot of desparado 5, fireballs, the stray cats, mad sin, operation ivy, brian setzer, amazing royal crowns, royal crown revue.... hopefully you get the picture...

apart from being able to pull off the singing part and being into rockabilly/punk - other things we are looking for in a singer include - no big drinkers/drug users, reliable, queer/trans friendly, no racist/sexist/classist folks, someone politically charged, left wing ...

anyways if you are keen to talk more or know someone who could be then let me know.


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